FIFA reinstate Maigari

Thursday 14 August 2014

/ by Colin Udoh

FIFA have directed the NFF to return to status quo that prevailed prior to July 2014 and reinstate Aminu Maigari as President. 

In a letter to the NFF on Thursday, FIFA said the meeting in which Maigari was impeached as president did not 'comply with statutory provisions, and that Maigari was not given the opportunity to defend himself of the charges leveled against him.

It also said the Executive committee 'went beyond their prerogatives' in suspending and handing bans to two other members, Chris Green and Yusuf Ahmed.

The statement also frowned at the removal of some members of the electoral and appeals committees, describing it as 'contrary to the segregation of powers'.

FIFA described the decisions of the members of the executive committee as 'highly questionable with regards to compliance with the statutes'.

Consequently, it directed that the elections must hold as scheduled on August 26, where all candidates will be given equal opportunity to run. 

That the Executive Committee be 'reunified as it was before the 2014 FIFA World Cup' and that all major decisions be frozen until the elections of 26 August.

That elective Congress, according to FIFA, must be composed of the same Delegates who took part in the November 2013 Congress, unless they have been changed in accordance with the statutes.
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  1. This is a welcome idea. I wish the proposed election be postponed for about 2 weeks in order to give those disenfranchised opportunity to contest. Segun Odegbami's disqualification should be reviewed with immediate effect, that is the type of Mr. football we want at the helms of affairs.


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