President-elect Buhari takes Keshi decision

Wednesday 1 April 2015

/ by Colin Udoh
Could Stephen Keshi, first from left, be one of the first casualties of a Buhari presidency?

In one of his first acts as President-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari appears to have approved the disengagement of Stephen Keshi as Nigeria coach.

Sources close to the incoming president said, as part of his change agenda, he immediately made it clear to sports associations that his administration will respect their independence.

NFF bosses were immediately directed to review their decision on Keshi and, if it was not in line with their own vision for the future of Nigerian football, to revise it.

Although officials at the Glass House are keeping mum on the matter, it is understood that a decision will be taken as early as this week

Loof Lirpa, one of the new PAs to the NFF President, said it was welcome news
'There is nothing more important to the development of Nigerian football than the independence of the NFF.
'President Pinnick has received the message from the matter and there will be a board meeting this week to decide on further action.'

*Thanks for enjoying my April Fools Day prank.

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