On the NFF/NIKE deal

Wednesday 20 May 2015

/ by Colin Udoh
NFF President Amaju Pinnick and General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi sign the Nike contract

Adidas decided against renewing their contract when it lapsed in Dec because certain team members (incl tech staff) used rival kit
The breaches occurred in socks and caps of rivals worn during the World Cup by team members. These were photographed and sent to NFF
It meant NFF also forfeited the bonus payment due from adidas for qualifying for the World Cup. A small, tidy sum
Between November and January, all major kit sponsors (big and small) had been reached out to. None got past introductory statements.
By new year, few brands were willing to sit on the table with NFF. As worst case scenario, Glass House actually considered buying kit in order to cater for World Cup-bound Super Falcons and Flying Eagles!
So yes, NFF negotiated from a position of weakness. And still managed to squeeze out a relatively fair deal
Options were 1. Hold out, and spend on kit (with teams going to World Cup) while waiting for good offer. 2. sign one on these terms
Remember, this is an NFF that is still squeezed for money. To add additional burden of kit expenditure would have been suicidal
So in the end, there was really only one realistic option: take the deal on the table.
Was it the best deal? No. Could it have been better? Under the circumstances, no. Will it get better? Definitely

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