Nigerian football: a brief way forward

Monday 6 July 2015

/ by Colin Udoh
NFF President Amaju Pinnick at the FIFA Womens Football Symposium 

Following Stephen Keshi's dismissal last weekend, the question that immediately pops up is who replaces him.
As usual, the division is clear and the discussions polarized between local and foreign coaches.
While both sides of the fence have their merits, it's hard to see long term thinking. It is my considered opinion however, that a hybrid solution will work best for the country
So here is my suggestion:

1. Employ a competent local coach with proven, high level credentials and competence, who understands the Nigerian football terrain and commands respect locally and internationally

2. Let him come with an equally proven and competent foreign assistant who not only understands what the modern game is about, but knows how to handle it. 

3. To prevent any misunderstanding, the assistant's contract will be tied to his boss. His contract ends with that of his boss, and will include a 2-year moratorium on applying for the Nigeria job, unless it is with his former boss.

4. Together, they can draw up a blueprint for long term overhaul of Nigerian football, starting from the grassroots, through the league clubs and all the way to the national teams. 
This overhaul will be in 3-year spurts, with well-articulated markers to measure progress. 

5. Both coach and assistant must be given full authority to draw up, and implement programs, albeit with due consultation.

We may/will suffer a few years of poor performances, as the system is gradually overhauled. Maybe even failing to qualify for a major tournament or two.
But hey, how is that different from where we are now?

If properly articulated and implemented, we should begin to see progress in both domestic and international football.

Clear, distinct and uniform, playing philosophy 

Improved technical ability of our players

Improve performances of both our clubs and national teams
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  1. Colin what major competition are u talking about? I hope not ANC.....whoever comes must prove his worth and qualify us. END OF here we go separate Mice and Men.


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