Friday 13 September 2019

/ by Colin Udoh

Gernot Rohr says Nigeria’s first half performance against Ukraine was the best the team has played since he took over as Nigeria coach.
The Super Eagles completely dominated the hosts, racing to a two-goal lead and should have been at least four goals up in the first half but for some great goalkeeping and wayward finishing.
But their performance in those first 45 minutes had Rohr buzzing
“It was a great performance against a very good team,” he said. “The best initial 45 minutes I saw since I am with the team.” 
Despite their dominance, the Super EAgles, playing without a posse of key starters, were to conceded twice late on and tie the game. Rohr pointed to the youthfulness off his side and explained that that may have been responsible for their giving up their two-goal advantage late in the second half
“Age average less than 23. That fact can also explain two minutes of nerves in the second half. And their second goal was clear handball.”
Rohr however was left pleased with the overall direction of the team 

“We saw some new faces and a come back of the goal keeper. The kind of modern football we played is promising for the future.”
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