Keshi remains confident in Eagles.

Saturday 31 May 2014

/ by Colin Udoh

Stephen Keshi remains confident that the Super Eagles will not be pushovers when the World Cup kicks off in Brazil in a few days time.

The Big Boss continues to insist that Nigeria will take the tournament one game at a time, and he emphasized that and stressed the Eagles readiness, as he was swarmed by Nigerian fans and reporters before the Scotland game on Wednesday.

At the lobby of Hilton Cobham Hotel, the crowd of UK-based Nigerian enthusiasts, journalists and foreign media milled around. Everyone wanted to talk to ‘Stephen’.

“There would have been no reason playing in the qualifiers if I didn’t think we would qualify for the World Cup.

“And there would have been no reason preparing for the World Cup if I think we were going there just to make up the numbers, Keshi said.

“We stand as good a chance as any other team in the finals. We will give it our best shot.”

And every time he is asked: ‘How far do you think your team can go in Brazil?’ Keshi has the same answer: “We will take it one match at a time.”

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