Pastor threatens Ghana - 'Pay me $60,000 or lose all three World Cup group matches'

Sunday 11 May 2014

/ by Colin Udoh

Ghana will suffer three humiliating defeats in all their group matches at the World Cup if they don’t pay $60,000 for spiritual services provided Prophet Ezekiel, the pastor has warned.
Prophet Ezekiel claims he offered his spiritual services to help the Black Stars qualify for the World Cup and has not been paid $60,000 promised him for the work done.
It has not clear who contracted him for his spiritual services but the Christian pastor claims the Ghana Football Association (GFA) has been warned over the impending World Cup disaster.
Prophet Ezekiel who claims to have cast a six-year spell on local giants Hearts of Oak for failing to pay him $5,000 for spiritual services he provided the Accra-based club says the GFA must pay him $60,000 in full before the World Cup kicks off next month or Ghana will face its worst outing in the global competition.
“This is not a curse but a prophecy from me. I need my money or Ghana will suffer three heavy defeats in all of our group games” Prophet Ezekiel told Sports Crusader.
“This is no joke or an issue of patriotism. I have worked for the success of the team and I feel cheated that I have not been paid.
“My message is clear and I have communicated that to the FA authorities already.”
This is not the first time Ghana has been threatened by these supposed pastors but on all occasions they have failed with their threats.
Ghana reached the knock stages of their two previous appearances at the World Cup  and a first round exit would be considered as a disastrous outing for the Black Stars.
The Black Stars are in the toughest group at the World Cup as they will play GermanyPortugal and USA.
Source: GhanaSoccerNet
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  1. Charge him with extortion and attempted game fixing.


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