Sunday 23 June 2019

/ by Colin Udoh

Nigeria’s Super Falcons are refusing to leave their hotel in France until all of their outstanding bonuses are paid.

The team, who lost 3-0 to Germany on Saturday, say they will not leave until the monies have been paid. According to the players, they are being owed bonuses from two games against Gambia and Senegal from as far back as two years ago amounting to N2million 

“They paid us N1million and said that is all. We want them to pay the balance. And they are also owing us five days daily allowance here in France,” one player told me.

The players are also demanding their share of the World Cup participation fee from FIFA, even though that will not be paid by FIFA till September.

This is the second time in three years that Nigeria’s women will stage bonus protests. After winning the 2016 African title in Cameroon, the squad returned home and staged a public demonstration on the streets of the capital Abuja to demand payment of their outstanding allowances.

That demonstration led to the firing of the team’s coach and a lack of activity for the squad for a full year.

Prior to that, they sat in for three days at their hotel in South Africa after winning the same title in 2004 until the allowances were settled.

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  1. This is a shame...
    NFF is a shame !
    But why will the girls always protest after putting up poor performances at the tournament?
    In short the whole system is a shame!


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