How the Super Eagles can qualify for Morocco

Saturday 11 October 2014

/ by Colin Udoh
The Super Eagles can still qualify 

To start with, let's get one thing out of the way first. On the basis of their three games so far, this team as currently composed, do not deserve to be in Morocco.

And unless there is a drastic change in attitude, they most probably will not.

That's the bad news. The good news is, they can still qualify. I fact, they have a very good chance of doing so.

Ironically, that door was opened by South Africa. Their win over at Congo, means that the Super Eagles still have their qualification in their own hands.

This is where we bring out the calculators.

There are still three games to go. As it stands, South Africa top the group on 7 points, Congo are second on 6, Sudan are third on 3 and Nigeria last with 1 point. 

Congo have to go to South Africa on Wednesday. If they lose (or even draw), it's back in Nigeria's hands. The Super eagles host Sudan on the same day.

Win that, and they go to 4 points. Sudan stay on 3 and Congo (if they lose to South Africa) stay in second place on 6 points. A draw still keeps them in second but changes little.

Nigeria then travel to Congo for the deciding game. And that's the game that will decide their fate. Lose, and it's curtains, as they will remain on 4 points while Congo move to an unassailable 9 points.

Draw, and they will have to depend on Sudan to beat Congo in the final game because the Congolese would be on 7 points, while the Nigerians would be on 5. 

Meaning Sudan would have to beat Congo while Nigeria beat South Africa to finish on 8 points and Congo on 7.

But if they win that game in Congo, the Super Eagles go to 7 points, Congo stay on 6 and it again goes down to the final game, but with their destiny in their own hands.

Best South Africa, and they will finish on 10 points. So even if Congo beat Sudan away, they can only finish with 9 points and Nigeria qualify.

The question however, is that, on the basis of these 3 games, these Eagles have looked so bad, they can't even beat their sorry selves.

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